Our Proposal


Grantham Business Club is geared towards promoting and helping Grantham based businesses of all sizes, and all types. We are not a retail focused or town centre-centric club, nor are we a professional services only networking group. We are here for you and your business whatever you provide, make, sell or cook, and no matter where you do it from – an office, an industrial unit, a factory, a high street retail outlet… even your home. If you are in business in Grantham, or want to do business in Grantham, then we are the business club for you.


We can’t wave a magic wand and make everything you want happen just like that – like nearly every market Town in the UK we are all struggling with similar issues, whether it be foot-fall in our retail areas, business growth in the town in general, attracting new businesses (both big retail names and the all important smaller independent retailers), roads, parking etc.. We all have a view and many will be particular or specific to our own business needs.

As a business group, not just a networking group, we feel that acting as one large voice with various bodies including SKDC, the Highways agency etc.. we can help to put across the concerns and more importantly, the needs, of the business community in Grantham.

If a large commercial venture is planned for the town, lets help to make it a reality.

If the council makes statements about bringing something to the town for everyone’s benefit, lets make sure they turn that into a promise, and then reality.

If there are genuine concerns that are affecting a large majority of business in the town, lets make sure that these concerns are heard and acted upon by the right people.

We hold monthly meeting events, with speakers or relevant presentations, Q&A sessions (depending on the speaker or presenter at the event), and networking opportunities for all business. We held our first mini-Expo a few years back which was a great success and we had planned to do this again in 2020, however, sadly due to the Covid-19 pandemic this was not possible.

This is your chance to meet other businesses and decision makers in and around Grantham, and keep in contact with fellow business owners.

There is no membership fee – you simply pay for your attendance at each event. Details can be found here.

More than ever, especially in the current business and retail climate we all find ourselves and our businesses in, supporting your local business club, so that it can help support your local business has need been more important.